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Automatic Tapping Machine

Product ID: NAT-32,NAT-32B
Automatic Tapping Machine

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  • Pitch gear tool feed, one circle feed, one pitch--this is a unique feature of the CHEN FWA Precise Tapping Machine, which has following merits:
    • One circle feed, one pitch, working piece will not rotate without adding pressure or clamping device.
    • Both unfamiliar and skilled workers can operate this machine well, which is helpful to increase efficiency and quality workmanship.
    • Spindle pulley will slip and spindle will stop when tap meets resistance or machine reaches overload. This situation is controlled by a safety clutch, which can reduce the force from cutting and torque of tap and protect tap from being damaged.
    • All automatic tapping machines can be mounted with multiple spindle heads that can increase productivity and produce unique whole-screw threading.
    • Upward Multi-Spindle Auto Tapping Machine increase production rate with robot combination.